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International Arbitration Newsletter No.6

We are delighted to report that in the space of only a few months, Arbitrium now boasts a subscriber list of nearly 1,800 specialist international arbitration practitioners from around the globe.  Many of these subscribers have also joined the Arbitrium group on LinkedIn.  Thank you to all our readers, our contributors and our sponsors for their support.

English High Court Grants Anti-Suit Injunction in Insurance Dispute

The English High Court considers an insurance policy containing “service of suit” provisions and continues an anti-suit injunction against the defendant on the basis that it was satisfied that the parties had agreed to submit their dispute to London arbitration.

Singapore Court Clarifies Art.34(3) ML Time Limits & Rejects Natural Justice Objections

The Singapore court clarifies the applicable time limits under Art.34(3) Model Law and rejects a broad range of natural justice objections as disguised appeals on the merits.

Singapore CA Confirms the Importance of the Seat of Arbitration

The Singapore Court of Appeal emphasises the importance of the seat of arbitration and that prejudice need not be established to resist enforcement of an award arising out of a wrongly seated arbitration.

Overview of s.68 Serious Irregularity Challenges

Section 68 of the English Act provides the basis for challenging an arbitration award where there has been a serious irregularity. This is a useful overview of the (only seven) successful challenges brought under the section, highlighting the difficulties in success.

New Arbitration Law for Macau

The new Macau arbitration law has been gazetted and will come into force in early May 2020. A local law firm provides an overview of the new legislation.

Interplay Between Arbitration and Criminal Proceedings

The authors examine a number of ICC cases which consider requests for a stay of arbitration proceedings and/or requests relating to the use of evidence submitted within or resulting from criminal proceedings.

HK Court Grants Anti-Suit Injunction as Interim Measure

The HK High Court grants an anti-suit injunction to restrain court proceedings on the Mainland, confirming that the relief is an “interim measure” within the terms of s.35 and s.45 of the Ordinance (and Article 17 of the Model Law).

Security For Costs in International Arbitration

A useful overview of the substantive considerations available to a tribunal when determining whether grant security for costs.

Arbitration and Winding Up – Lasmos 3rd Limb Considered

The Court of Appeal dismisses an appeal against a bankruptcy order finding that the debt was not covered by an arbitration clause. The Court also considered recent authorities arising out of the Lasmos case.

Mainland Court Recognises Principle of Severability

The Mainland Court has recognised the principle of severability of arbitration agreement and held that although the underlying contracts had not been formally signed, the parties had reached valid arbitration agreements.

Award Enforced But Successful Party Denied Costs

The English Court finds that a successful enforcement action did not entitle the Claimant to an award of costs as it failed to satisfy the requirements of full and frank disclosure.

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